Dive into the world of agility and strength with our acrobatics. This class focuses on building flexibility, balance and core strength. Learn a variety of dynamic moves, partner work and gravity-defying poses. You will be guided through progressions by our experienced instructors to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


For Ages 7 & up Classes concentrate on footwork and rhythm while challenging coordination and correct placement. In tap class, dancers learn about music, how to make music, and how to listen to music. Tap dance uses syncopation, rhythms and movement that sharpens reflexes, improves coordination and memory skills.

Hip Hop

For Ages 7 & UP Hip-hop dance is a vibrant form of dance that combines a variety of freestyle movements to create a cultural piece of art.

Toddler Power Hour

This class was designed for 2- 4 Year Olds. Creative Movement is designed to introduce children to all forms of movement, specifically tap, acrobatics and ballet, while encouraging creative ability, musicality, and coordination. Dancers will develop gross motor skills and build confidence while learning self-respect, respect for their bodies and respect for others.

intro 2 danz

Intro 2 Danz is designed for 5 & 6 Year Olds, This is our way of introducing students to a structured class setting where students learn ballet positions and basic dance terminology. Tap and Jazz are taught to further develop body awareness and promote large muscle development. Each style of dance builds coordination, gross motor skills and developing muscle memory.


Jazz dance consists of a warm-up, stretching, center floor technique, progressions and combination work with a focus on learning not just the steps and skills, but also the associated terminology. Dancers must focus on body alignment, conditioning, flexibility, rhythm, musicality and style.


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